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Meet Marina Malashenko

Meet Marina Malashenko, the dynamic HR leader at OneTwoTrip! Passionate about hiking, she's conquered Elbrus, Ararat, and Kilimanjaro, and brings the same adventurous spirit to fostering a thriving workplace. When she's not scaling mountains, she's nurturing talent, playing table tennis, or painting masterpieces. Get ready to be inspired by Marina's journey and her dedication to making workplaces more comfortable and productive. You can meet her at Nova Iskra Savamala.

Name and Surname

Marina Malashenko



    Introduce yourself in 2 sentences

I am a positive and open-minded person, always eager to embrace new opportunities and experiences.

    What do you currently do and what does your position include?

Currently, I lead and develop HR teams, focusing on strategic management and fostering positive employee relations. I specialize in technology recruitment, identifying top talent globally, defining and implementing effective hiring strategies, and providing consultation on interview techniques.

    What motivates you in the work you do?

Team. Both my HR team and all our employees. It's nice to see people grow and how their tasks evolve. It is also motivating that my work affects how comfortable and productive everyone is, and how they feel within the team.

   What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I go for long walks, spend time with my family, play table tennis, and paint pictures.

   Do you want to share anything about yourself or your work?

Hiking in the mountains is a great passion that I discovered not so long ago, but I'm sure it will stay with me forever. I've climbed Elbrus, Ararat, and Kilimanjaro, and I'm constantly planning new hikes.