A superior shared office space in the heart of the city

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Nova Iskra Dorćol 01
Cara Uroša 18
Nova Iskra Workspace is coming to Dorćol! We are opening our third location in the upper Dorćol neighbourhood, for an exclusive community of 130 members. Get in touch to find out more and reserve a place for your team in time!
Nova Iskra Savamala 02
Gavrila Principa 43
Located in the lively neighbourhood of Savamala, best known as the Belgrade’s creative hotspot, our cosy workspace in central Belgrade offers everything you might need to bring your business or idea to the next level. Join us today!
Nova Iskra Zemun 03
Oračka 4
Our second location is in the very heart of Zemun, a neighborhood rich with history and beautiful old buildings. With 120 working stations, rooftop terrace and a game room, we are sure that we have created one of the most exciting workspaces in Belgrade. Join us today!