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Meet Veselin Ilić

Meet Veselin Ilić, a man whose life motto is to enjoy everything he does, whether it's working on Cisco networks or picking mushrooms. You can meet him at Nova Iskra Zemun and talk to him about his professional expertise and life stories.

 Name and Surname

Veselin I Ilić


Nebula IT Solutions doo

    Introduce yourself in 2 sentences

Husband, father, brother. Cisco specialist and ninja for silliness.

    What do you currently do and what does your position include?

I am currently involved in developing Cisco courses. My position involves the design and implementation of computer networks. Read: čukam na računaru.

    What motivates you in the work you do?

Large amounts of money I earn. Just kidding, it motivates me not to starve, as well as my three children.

   What do you do in your free time?

I pick mushrooms (Berem pečurke).

   Do you want to share anything about yourself or your work?

I want to go to Vojko V's concert.