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Meet Aleksandra Božić

Aleksandra Božić, a returnee from the USA, now helps others returning to Serbia through her work with the Association Tačka povratka (Returning Point). Passionate about her job and animals, she is known for her welcoming nature at Nova Iskra Dorćol.

   Name and Surname

Aleksandra Božić


Association Tačka povratka (Returning Point)

   Introduce yourself in 2 sentences

A returnee from the USA, who now has the opportunity to help others who are circulating or returning to Serbia. I love my job, but I love animals even more, especially those that come to Iskra; you can always send them to me for a "kolačić" (I am a little famous for this).

  What do you currently do and what does your position include?

In our team, this is a very difficult question, primarily because there are few of us and we all wear multiple hats as needed. My daily routine involves communication with people in the diaspora and potential returnees, meetings with people who have already returned, organizing all events related to our team, and currently working on developing a project that will focus on empowering women's entrepreneurship here. Besides that, I jump into anything that’s needed, from administration to marketing.

  What motivates you in the work you do?

I am most motivated by meeting people in person and helping an individual, whether it's an administrative issue or connecting with the community. Since I myself went through the return process, which was very challenging and often trivialized, support through understanding means a lot to people, and that gratitude and positive energy are what fulfill me the most.

  What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I walk dogs, which you have probably had the chance to meet in Iskra in Dorćol, I rollerblade, hike recreationally, enjoy riding my Vespa, or have coffee with friends.

  Do you want to share anything about yourself or your work?

I want to tell everyone interested in what we do to feel free to come and contact us, to get to know each other, and to get a closer look at what Returning Point is and who makes it up. We have the most beautiful office on the ground floor in Dorćol and we are always in a good mood!