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Meet Marko Aleksić

Meet Marko Aleksić, a man whose motto is that no problem is unsolvable as long as it doesn't defy the laws of physics. You can meet him at Nova Iskra Zemun and have a conversation with him about that principle :)

   Name and Surname

Marko Aleksić


Freelancer architect

   Introduce yourself in 2 sentences

A perpetual fighter for justice and against boredom, with a mission to explore new worlds, meet new civilizations, and broaden horizons.

  What do you currently do and what does your position include?

I am currently working on an educational VR presentation of a hidden location, which involves 3D modeling, look development, and similar tasks.

  What motivates you in the work you do?

I want the things I create/produce to be beautiful, useful, and honest, to mean something and contribute to something.

  What do you do in your free time?

I entertain cats, watch movies, and plan where to travel.

  Do you want to share anything about yourself or your work?

My motto: No problem is unsolvable if it doesn't defy the laws of physics.