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Meet Emilija Nikić

Emilija Nikić is a junior software engineer at HaslerRail AG, passionate about data analysis and manipulation, with tasks that span both frontend and backend development. She loves to travel, read, work out, and spend time with friends. You can meet her at Nova Iskra Zemun.

  Name and Surname

Emilija Nikić


HaslerRail AG

   Introduce yourself in 2 sentences

A software engineer who loves to travel, read books, work out, and go on sweet "coffee dates." A blend of a classic nerd from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and someone who would also like to be a pilates instructor, a person who likes to run, and have fun with friends. Balance is important. ????

  What do you currently do and what does your position include?

Currently, I am a junior software engineer with a focus on data analysis and data manipulation, but I also handle tasks related to both frontend and backend. One could say I am a full-stack engineer.

  What motivates you in the work you do?

I am motivated by the possibility of constant advancement, the wide range of choices in terms of deciding what I want to pursue in the future, and the continual learning of new things and technologies.

  What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I go to Pilates, work out, run, and go out with friends. I also try to travel as much as possible and see very interesting places, whether it is an active type of travel or just lounging on the beach.

  Do you want to share anything about yourself or your work?

I spent almost 4 years living between Oslo and Belgrade, and that period of my life taught me many things: what kind of life I want to have, how to develop my personal style, and the various opportunities for self-investment both privately and professionally.