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Hybrid Horizons: Redefining Work-Life Balance

Written by Miloš Antić

Working from home caused by Covid-induced lockdowns has changed the landscape of business organization. Back in 2020, it promised flexible working hours and a world of personal freedom in managing our time.

Four years and thousands of Zoom meetings later, we've come to realize that freedom came at a great cost. The borders between home and work have become ever so blurred; at the same time, all that freedom in time management has hampered our willingness to go back to dim-lit offices. And besides, some of us work entirely remotely and don't even have a dim-lit office to go back to.

Going Hybrid Might Be Your Best Business Idea This Year

To address this business organization limbo, the concept of hybrid work was introduced. Hybrid just means working both from home and (now well-lit) office in a ratio that suits you the most. The initial idea was to combine the best of both worlds, and now, more and more businesses go hybrid with each passing month. By their accounts, the hybrid model let them strike a perfect balance between the pleasures of home and office work, while avoiding the land mines of both.

For those of us working remotely, hybrid work gave us the thing we always dreamed of - a coworking office. Conversely, for those who had a tough time going back to their pre-Covid offices, it was a psychological lifeline.

Hybrid VS Remote

Reading the above lines, you'd be excused to think that remote and hybrid work sounded pretty much the same. But there's an all-important distinction. Remote is remote is remote; it just means work you can do from anywhere on the Internet-covered globe. Hybrid, on the other hand, is a way to organize remote work. It lets you divide the hours between working from home and inside a well-lit, aesthetically pleasing coworking environment.

Nova Iskra Coworking Space

That's pretty much where we jump in! Just like a good dish, hybrid work is best served inside coworking spaces designed to accommodate the different challenges that come with it. And Nova Iskra, across all three locations in Belgrade, is perfectly equipped to transform your remote work into a hybrid model.

For starters, you can come anytime you like (we don't keep clock-ins), be it once a day, twice a week, or whatever dynamics suit your business. Second, you can bring your pet (we're pet friendly) to meet all the other pets it so desperately wanted to sniff during those Zoom sessions.

On a more serious note, at Nova Iskra, you can organize sizeable in-person team meetings (even for those not in-person at the moment), address the most pressing issues of the day more effectively, arrange private meetings with business partners, and mingle with like-minded people.

Nova Iskra Amenities

On an even more serious note, Nova Iskra spaces come equipped with darts, billiards, table tennis, terrace sunbeds, coffee lounges, brainstorming tables, and much more. And perhaps most importantly, we've got you covered for food as well; our restaurant, Branč, works over the clock to provide fresh meals every day of the week.

So, if you want to share in the spirit of coworking and give yourself or your team the opportunity to reap the benefits of the hybrid working model, give us a buzz at Even if it's just to talk (we love a good chat). Together, we can find the best coworking solution for you.