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5 Benefits of Taking Your Business to Nova Iskra Workspace

In a world of choices between remote work or in-office setups, and coffee with cream or without, what if you could have it all? Enter hybrid coworking spaces like Nova Iskra, offering the best of both worlds and then some. Written by Miloš Antić

Working remotely or coworking in-office? Have coffee or cream? Instagram or TikTok?

Questions, questions, questions. Not that they don’t matter. Where you work will have a profound impact on your business acumen, productivity, and overall life-work balance.

But get this: what if it doesn’t have to be either or? What if you could have coffee WITH cream? And more importantly, what if you could do business in such a coworking environment that combines the best of both worlds and even adds a couple of cherries on top?

Enter Coworking Spaces

To bypass the whole working remotely versus in-office dilemma, coworking spaces like Nova Iskra were born. The whole idea is to offer the benefits of both work environments while stripping their shortcomings to a bare minimum.

Indeed, Nova Iskra workspace features the cost-saving associated with remote labor with work engagement similar to being in an open office. Only brighter, sporting a gaming zone, and with a much better view!

But we’re getting too ahead of ourselves. Gaming zone must come second to pristine Wi-Fi connection, spacious workstations, and state-of-the-art work chairs, mustn’t it? Regardless of the order, let’s dive into ways the Nova Iskra coworking space could help further your career.

1. Super-fast Internet

How’s your Internet connection? Because ours is, like, lightning quick and rock solid. Nova Iskra, across all its three coworking Belgrade spaces, takes no Wi-Fi prisoners and offers the best fiber-optic Internet that money can buy. Non-negotiable.

2. Pleasant & Spacious Coworking Environment

Here’s a simple theory: the more pleasant the coworking environment – the better the results. That’s why Nova Iskra workspace features award-winning interior design centered around a spacious lounge area. The rooms get plenty of sunlight and are equipped with comfy lounge chairs for prolonged working sessions. Or standing desks, for those inclined.

Did we mention the terraces? Each of the three Nova Iskra coworking spaces sports a themed terrace that lends a distinct view of the city. You can choose between a green zone, city panorama, or rooftop view of Belgrade.

3. Recreational Amenities

Billiards or table tennis? You can only have one in your apartment, you know?

How about both? Or rather, what about having billiards, table tennis, AND darts all in one place? Nova Iskra Workspace is all about good vibes and healthy competition designed to break up prolonged working sessions. Gaming zone and board games are also at your disposal for some much-needed brain decompression during work.

4. Small things

As much as spacious environment and table tennis should be appreciated, it is those little, overlooked things that often make all the difference. Trinkets like personal lockers, printers, scanners, or mailboxes aren’t exactly on anyone’s list of priorities, but they can save the day when called upon.

5. Food & Drinks

No matter the working hours or cup know-how, Nova Iskra stores all the coffee & tea you can drink. It also has the best-in-class purified water on site, so add that to the all-you-can-drink list.

If you forgot your food for the day, Brunch to the rescue! In its portforlio, Nova Iskra has its own restaurant with fresh meals prepared every day. More broadly as well, all three spaces are well-positioned to include all kinds of restaurants in their neighborhoods.

And at Nova Iskra coworking space, you can add as much cream as you want to your coffee.