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Meet Maša Žegarac

Meet Maša Žegarac, Workspace manager of Nova Iskra Dorćol

Maša Žegarac is an architect who almost became a medical doctor. In the last six years, Maša has traveled between Novi Sad and Belgrade probably a million times. Easy decision-making has become characteristic of her, and her passion for gathering friends is as great as her love for singing, which she would like to be able to do. What particularly fulfills Maša is meeting wonderful and creative people. She learns from them every day, thus building a rich experience that shapes her personality.


So, Maša's location, Nova Iskra Dorćol, has become the epicenter of her daily life. This gathering place attracts people of various backgrounds who successfully find a common language. It represents not only a physical space but also a community that returns gladly every day, feeling like a part of something larger and inspirational.