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3 Reasons in Favor of Coworking Spaces (And One Against)

Benefits of working from home and coworking cafes versus working from the coworking spaces. What is the value of coworking spaces like Nova Iskra, and its offering for productivity and collaboration?

We've all been tricked, haven't we? Ditching Belgrade coworking spaces and chasing this elusive work-from-home pie-in-the-sky was supposed to score us higher productivity, provide more free time, and strike the perfect balance between working and non-working hours.

But all we've got are swaths of half-eaten pizza and a standout collection of coffee-stained pajamas.

Next we tried regular or coworking cafes, because wouldn't it be swell to socialize while earning the day's bread? It would, except we'd be doing neither as well as we ought to. If you're the kind of person who finds work more interesting than the conversation at the next table, good for you. The rest of us? Tough luck.

And don't get me started on Wi-Fi.

Coworking Spaces: Then and Now

Back to coworking, then. It still stands as a tried and tested platform to get things done. We're not talking paper-thin-wall booths with thousands of people talking over each other – give me work from home over that any day.

We're talking modern-day coworking spaces in Belgrade (yes, like Nova Iskra) that offer well-lit, pleasant interiors, top-draw Wi-Fi, and a stimulative environment for managing your small business, freelance career, or whatever it is that winds your sails ATM.

Now, Google loves lists, and so do we (for different reasons, obviously). Giving the subject some cursory thought, we came up with at least 3 reasons that make coworking a couple of streets ahead compared to cafes and working from home.

1. Getting Down to Business

Remember when running a business and taking out the trash sounded like a great lifestyle idea? Or how  prepping food just grooved gloriously with meeting a tight deadline? Despite the lofty idea behind the concept, what happened was that trash, food, and other inexorableness of life proved a needless distraction from work, with cafes even worse offenders with people constantly talking and walking and talking all the time.

Whereas in a Belgrade coworking space you could cut focus with a knife. Everybody seems so invested in their work that they have no choice but to meet the dreaded deadline.

2. B Is for Boundaries

Staying with the theme of trash, not only do the black bags distract from the task at hand, but they somehow blend into it. Think about it: working at the place where you brush your teeth, watch Netflix, and pile trash does level the playing field over time.

Same thing with the actual desk that you work on. Chances are that you eat, watch YouTube, or scroll Amazon pages all on that same desk. And just as you can't shake off your mind that lamp you've been planning to purchase, you're never really done with the work, are you? It lingers around, no better or worse than that trash can you really need to replace.

3. Environment Matters

Working from home or a cafe still sounds alluring? Then, let us sway you with one final argument.

Belgrade Coworking spaces provide a platform for human interaction on a much more profound level. Take Nova Iskra, for instance. Not only does it have excellent Wi-Fi (can't be underestimated, that) and charming interiors, but it also serves as a meeting point for small business owners, freelancer know-it-alls, web wizards, and all kinds of other professionals. The fact that you have all those people from different branches working together is really something.

Chances are you'll meet someone who'll help you broaden your horizon or your business. Or both.


And Against?

OK, we listed 3 pros that Belgrade coworking spaces have over coworking cafes or non-coworking homes, but what about one con promised in the title? Well, to make the most of coworking - or anything at all, you have to get on your feet and actually go there.

That certainly marks coworking down, but only if there are limited space options. Luckily, Nova Iskra has three workspaces scattered strategically all over the capital: one in Dorćol, one in Savamala, and one in Zemun. And the best thing? All three have fantastic pizza places nearby and fab state-of-the-art coffee machines to make you feel Just.Like.At.Home.