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Meet Luna Jović

Meet Luna Jović, Workspace Manager of Nova Iskra Savamala

Maybe Luna Jović is a person from a distant galaxy, because science fiction is her choice when it comes to movies and books. From unexplored worlds to complex secrets of time travel, Luna is fascinated by the possibilities this genre offers. However, her dreams are not limited to the pages of books or scenes from the screen.


One of her wishes is to have a telescope, and a dream that extends beyond the universe is conquering the peaks of the Himalayas. Luna is not just a star enthusiast and an ambitious mountaineer. She dreams of one day opening an animal hotel. Pizzas and burgers are her secret pleasures, and summer is her favorite season.


At Nova Iskra Workspace, she started working towards the end of her studies in management and production at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. The position of space manager gives her a daily opportunity for learning, covering everything from budgeting to event organization, and provides her with constant inspiration through the spontaneity that each new working day brings.


In the galaxy of Nova Iskra Workspace, as the captain of the flagship, her greatest achievements are tied to people. Working in a coworking space where understanding and empathy are nurtured, and support is provided, has created a vibrant community that is much more than a collection of individuals sharing the same workspace.


Luna believes that a picture speaks more than a thousand words, especially when it comes to the uniqueness of the Iskra community. Through the following photos, she wants to show what an almost ordinary day looks like in the Nova Iskra Savamala coworking community.