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Managing Nova Iskra has taught me how coworking spaces can start a wind of positive change whether you are a freelancer or a small business. So here a few of of the many benefits of working from a coworking space.
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As many of you know, Nova Iskra is opening another coworking space this summer and we are all pretty busy getting everything ready! Working on this new project got me thinking about how coworking has been such a life changing experience for me, all my colleagues and for many teams and individuals who got onboard.

Managing Nova Iskra has taught me how coworking spaces can start a wind of positive change whether you are a freelancer or a small business trying to build your vision and become profitable.

Here are my top 5 reasons how coworking can really change the way you work:

CONNECTIVITY: Your working environment is the foundation for your satisfaction. When you are surrounded with creative and motivated people from different professional backgrounds you become more focused on what you can contribute to your own team. By building strong connections with other businesses and professionals you get a clearer picture of your own business and decision making processes.

CREATING SUPPORT: In coworking spaces your business is part of professional community that has so much to offer. If you suddenly need a graphic designer or a legal consultation and no time to make long phone calls, chances are that the people you need are sitting right next to you in our coworking space. That easily accessible support network will save you a lot of time and nerves!

PRIVACY, NOT ISOLATION: There’s an ongoing myth about coworking spaces not being suitable if you want to do your job in privacy without being interrupted. Many professionals have told me that being isolated at their offices was actually making them procrastinate more. Coworking has showed me that individuals and teams are better at achieving goals if they are not isolated, when you don’t feel that it’s just you and your workload. Healthy environment that creates productive atmosphere without isolating you from the rest of the colleagues is what I’ve come to respect more and more with each year I have been managing Nova Iskra.

FUN IS NOT A TREAT: Many people who work in classic strict corporate environment get to have fun at work only when they “deserve” it. When teams start their coworking journey I usually witness “the relaxation phase” - the phase of adjusting to a possibility of having a beer at the balcony near the end of the work day and discussing the next day plans. That is something that lifts your spirit, and gets you and your colleagues and other professionals closer, allowing you to bond, relax, share ideas and concerns. I can't state enough how important those small talks become and how much positivity they bring to everyday work flow.

THE FUTURE OF YOUR JOB: Job market has changed so dramatically these last five years and now we all seek a full digital environment to accommodate our business needs. An ad hoc presentation or a meeting is more productive if the environment is relaxed, inspiring but at the same time fully developed for any technical and logistical needs. Imagine a daily scrum on a beautiful balcony overlooking the neighbourhood! It’s proven to make the ideas flow! That’s why the sooner the CEOs understand the changing nature of contemporary job tasks and the importance of digital environment, the better they will adjust to the change, perform and manage the team more easily.