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Nova Iskra Workspace announces its joint venture with one of the leading coworking providers - rent24

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One of the leading global coworking and coliving providers has acquired a majority stake in Nova Iskra Workspace, the popular provider in the Balkan region.
Nova Iskra Workspace announces its joint venture with one of the leading coworking providers - rent24
Nova Iskra Workspace - joint venture with rent24

Just two months following the opening of the second Nova Iskra Workspace location in the heart of Zemun district of Belgrade, the popular coworking provider in the region is announcing its acquisition by one of the leading global coworking and coliving providers rent24. The goal of the joint venture is to become a regional leader when it comes to setting up and running innovative coworking and event spaces, as well as coliving locations alike.

rent24 is a global provider of coworking and coliving spaces. The company's portfolio currently boasts around 45 locations spanning three continents, while new locations are being added almost on a weekly basis. The entry of rent24 into the Serbia and the Balkan region is part of a global reach out into new markets, that puts rent24 at the forefront of innovative office and living space providers. The company currently runs locations in cities as diverse as Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, London and other metropolises in Europe, Asia and North America. For Robert Bukvić, Founder and CEO of rent24 GmbH, the expansion is the next logical step due to the booming Serbian startup scene: “We are entering this market full of confidence. Numerous young IT companies have created a Silicon Serbia of sorts here, which we plan to enhance and support through our services, our community and the flawless working conditions that our spaces offer.”

Nova Iskra Workspace is now a part of the global rent24 network, contributing with two locations (Savamala and Zemun). The launch of a third, premium location in downtown Belgrade before the end of the year is already announced, which will almost double the current capacities in Belgrade, and offer numerous new services and opportunities to the members. They will be able to use any other rent24 coworking spaces around the world under special conditions, while from 2019 companies and startups who are members of any of the Nova Iskra Workspace coworking spaces will have a potential access to rent24's venture fund for support of startup projects, as well as its blockchain platform Primary.

Nova Iskra Workspace

The acquisition is a definitive validation of Nova Iskra Workspace (established in 2012) as the regional leader when it comes to coworking services and workspace management. Nova Iskra Workspace will continue to innovate the European coworking market and provide the best possible services in the region, while Nova Iskra will independently continue to work on capacity-building, educational, international cooperation and policy development projects focused on the domains of creative industries, information technologies and culture.

Visit for all details on the two current locations in Belgrade, as well as the ones to come!